The Fells

A missing woman. A cold case. A dark secret, buried deep beneath the Yorkshire Dales.

I’m delighted that The Fells, the first in my Detectives Donovan and Young series, is out now. I’ve so enjoyed writing about Leo Donovan and Shan Young. Partnered here for the first time, their friendship quickly develops, stemming from shared values, mutual respect and growing affection. They have each other’s backs, make each other laugh. Their job can be harrowing but they look forward every day to working together. There’s a lot of me in both of them.

The books are rooted in the unique landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, a place of hills and valleys, waterfalls and rivers, drystone walls and ruined barns, deep, dark caves and windswept limestone pavements. Growing up in Bradford, the Dales was where we went for day trips and caravan holidays. Somewhere I’ve loved to visit since.

When a skeleton is discovered deep in the labyrinth of caves under the Yorkshire Dales, veteran detective Leo Donovan and newbie Shan Young must hunt the killer while each struggles with personal heartbreak at home. Lively student Vicky Mott, missing for twenty years, is a suspected victim of the Fellside Strangler. But with evidence mounting that someone else is the killer, Leo and Shan strive to unearth the truth and deliver justice for Vicky and her family.

Happy reading!