The Fells

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An absolutely gripping British crime thriller full of twists (Detectives Donovan & Young Book 1)

A missing woman. A cold case. A dark secret, buried deep beneath the Yorkshire Dales.

Summer 1997. Vicky Mott slips out the door of the remote holiday cottage, and into the pale dawn light. She won’t wake her friends. Not after the night they just had. She scrawls a note, Gone to see the sun rise. V xxx That’s the last anyone ever hears from vibrant twenty-year-old Vicky.

Everyone warned her. Of the predator stalking the lush green fells, the Fellside Strangler who had already claimed the lives of three hikers.

2019. A human skeleton is discovered, in a dark and treacherous cave beneath the Dales. The final resting place of Vicky Mott? Detectives Leo Donovan and Shan Young think they’ve found the key to this decades-old mystery. But every answer they unearth only leads to more questions. And if the Fellside Strangler didn’t do this, then who did?


‘It’s brilliant! Buy it!’ Ann Cleeves