Eating My Words Part 2

So after last week’s post, what did change my mind?

Partly the sheer weight of opinion in favour of social networking as a way of connecting with readers and promoting my work.  And I got to thinking that compared to all the other efforts I’d made to promote my books (some of which were toe-curling in the embarrassment stakes) wasn’t this actually a relatively easy way to go about it?

Another significant factor was talking to my friend and fellow Murder Squad member Ann Cleeves who has been on Twitter for some time.  She made it sound easy, and even enjoyable, and stressed that you could tweet once a day if that was all you wanted to do.  Then Murder Squaddie Margaret Murphy recommended a book – Tweet Right: The Sensible Guide to Twitter by Nicola Morgan.  I downloaded this and found it clear, witty and very informative.  She’s particularly good on etiquette and do’s and don’ts which is reassuring for a newbie.  (I wish more tweeps had read the book, or something similar, it might get rid of some of the more irritating tweets!)  With a new website planned, if I ever was going to get social now seemed to be time to make the leap.

How’s it been?  Well, regarding Twitter – I’m addicted as predicted but I love it so far, I like being able to dip in and out of socialising and I LOVE that it’s so short – I’m one of those writers who naturally writes less rather than more so it’s tailor made for me.  The blog’s another matter – whether updating this every week is going to feel too much like a chore, I can’t tell yet.  I hope not.  As for Facebook – well, got to draw the line somewhere.  At least for now.  But I’m a fickle creature.  Watch this space.