I think copyediting is really, rally important an one of the drawbacks of self-publishing (witch I have done) is if your not choosing to use a professional copy editor who can make all the right changes tot he manuscript.  Theirs nothing worse than seeing speech marks in the wrong plaice or having too characters called Mark, or getting the daze mixed up.  And a good copy editor will help you a void repetition to as well any contraindications.  There the best,    Sew if you are self-publishing try and fined someone who can help you with this.  (I didn’t bother here: because this is just a short peace.  Good look!?

2 thoughts on “Copyediting”

  1. Hello
    Just listened to your story The Bridge.
    Enjoyed the story and think that the last lines at Snake Pass are great.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks very much, Michael. Very kind of you to say so. I’m working on some more radio drama at the moment – it involves lots of re-writing and lots of talking aloud.

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