Stone Cold Red Hot

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Can Sal break the conspiracy of silence that surrounds her latest case?

Sal Kilkenny is asked to discover the whereabouts of Jennifer Pickering, disinherited twenty years ago. But it seems that now Jennifer does not want to be found. And as she spends her days tracing Jennifer, Sal’s nights are shattered by a dangerous stint with the Neighbour Nuisance Unit on one of Manchester’s toughest housing estates. In this highly charged atmosphere it’s not surprising when tempers flare… and as properties start to burn, Sal’s two cases spiral out of control and events, past and present, collide with deadly intensity.

Sal Kilkenny #4


‘Homespun, humane, deeply satisfying private eye novel, with Manchester
shamus Sal Kilkenny… Real people, real problems, sometimes with solutions still to come. Staincliffe writes brilliantly and compassionately about things that matter. Seriously good’ Literary Review