Crying Out Loud

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Sal Kilkenny#8  A gripping and heart-rending crime thriller.

An abandoned infant on her doorstep is the last thing Manchester private eye Sal Kilkenny needs. Sal’s client Libby Hill is trying to put her life back together after the brutal killing of her lover and the conviction of petty criminal Damien Beswick, who confessed to the murder. But now Beswick has retracted his confession – exactly what game is he playing? As Sal investigates, things get up close and personal, and there are further bombshells to come, which threaten everything Sal holds dear.



‘A smart, feisty heroine and a plot full of unexpected twists and equal doses of humor and suspense add up to an appealing read’ Booklist

‘Emotionally gritty’ Kirkus

‘Staincliffe’s steady pacing, her painfully human and flawed characters, and her lush descriptions of the English countryside in autumn keep the pages turning’ Publishers Weekly