Bitter Blue

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(Sal Kilkenny #6): A compelling and poignant crime thriller

Sal Kilkenny is trying to find out who is sending offensive poison pen letters to elegant hotel receptionist Lucy Barker. Meanwhile new clients hire Sal to assess the desirability of the area they are hoping to buy property in. Will Manchester’s fashionable West Didsbury be a good move or are there any hidden drawbacks? As Sal prepares to stake out the streets a bitter cold snap plunges the country into arctic conditions and a nightmare sequence of events unfolds, putting Sal at the heart of a life and death struggle.



‘Unique in current British crime fiction: truthful affirmative and exciting. Planted in the real world and looking good on it’ Literary Review

‘Sal Kilkenny has to be one of the best private detective creations on the market at the present time’ Gateway

‘The writing is accomplished and makes for very easy reading, much in the style of Ruth Rendell. Staincliffe has no need of padding or literary frills – it’s just a good story, well told’ Bookbag