Crime Thriller Club

My big news is that Letters To My Daughter’s Killer has been chosen for this year’s Specsavers Crime Thriller Book Club.  Six titles will be  featured in the weekly series Crime Thriller Club starting on ITV3 on September 15th and running up to The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards on Sunday October 26th.  (Look out for me in one of the episodes. We had great fun filming this in Manchester earlier this year – though the use of Police Crime Scene Tape and white SOCO suits caused some consternation for the neighbours!)  It’s a real honour to have the book selected.  You can see the shortlists here Happy reading!

Instant Trauma

Can’t get email back.  Can’t hover by the pillar box waiting with a sickly smile for the man with his bunch of keys.  Two clicks of a mouse and it’s gone. Strafing through the ether.  You knew you should have tidied up your address book, if only you’d paused after that first tap, registered the question about which recipient you meant.  But no, tap, tap and zip it went.  Sizzling its way into Auntie June’s Inbox: <> instead of your mate Steph’s: <>.  All the graphic details of the night spent with your new man.  And you couldn’t wait could you?

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